Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected].

What is Upco Mobile Messenger?

Upco Mobile Messenger is a free to download mobile-based data application available on Apple iOS and Android. Upco Mobile enables fully secure communications to make phone calls, sending messages, sharing pictures and locations, international balance transfer and much more with other Upco users. And you can call any number that doesn’t have Upco at very attractive rates or flexible calling plans using Upco-Out. Upco will work over 3G/2G/EDGE, Wi-Fi and Satellite networks.

Do I have to pay for using Upco application?

Any conversations between Upco users are free. And any other number that doesn’t have Upco application installed you can call at very attractive rates or flexible calling plans using Upco-Out.

Where does Upco works?

There is no need for speed. Upco Mobile Messenger works almost everywhere even with slow and crowded network connections or 2G/EDGE networks, using up to 6 times less data than other Messengers.

Where do I get Upco?

You can get Upco Mobile Messenger for free on Apple Store or Google Play.

Does Upco work on my phone and how to register?

Upco Mobile Messenger works on most smartphones and mobile devices. To register just choose your country code and enter your phone number. You will receive an SMS with a 4-digit activation code to finalize the installation process.  Now you can start using Upco Mobile Messenger and all existing Upco users from your contact list will be added automatically to your Upco contact list.

Are other Upco users automatically detected?

Other Upco Mobile Messenger users in your contact list are automatically detected. Simply click on “Upco” on top of your Upco contact list and you see all people using also the Upco application.

How can I send invitations to my friends and other users to join Upco?

If your friends and other users do not have Upco Mobile Messenger on their smartphones yet installed you can send an Upco invitation through our “Invite Friends” feature which allows you to send an SMS, email or link on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Please consider that your SMS standard rate will be charged. You can find the “Invite Friends” option on top of your settings.

Is Upco safe to use?

Upco Mobile Messenger is provided with multi-layer security systems and does not store your messages or any of your personal information on our servers. All messages and calls are encrypted and only you can access your text or voice information.

How to get PUSH notifications?

To get PUSH notifications even if Upco Mobile Messenger is closed, please assure that Upco is allowed to autorun in the background and never miss messages and calls.
Please check out of your smartphone allows only a limited number of apps to autorun in the background.

How can I make an audio or video call with Upco?

Upco Mobile Messenger is using your internet connection and you can call anyone in the world for free who also runs the Upco application. Please consider that Wi-Fi is recommended and network data charges may apply where you are connected through your personal network data plan.

What is Upco-Out!

Add a credit and check out our attractive rates and flexible calling plans for local and international long distance calls to non-Upco users with Upco-Out and Callback services. Upco-Out is always an attractive alternative to your existing provider. Just try it!

What is Upco e-Wallet?

With the forthcoming addition of the Upco e-Wallet using Blockchain Payment Services, users will be able to: send invoices, approve payments, transfer international funds, convert international currencies, and track transfers and payments.

How do I add credit to my Upco e-Wallet?

Access your Upco Mobile Messenger settings and choose “My e-Wallet”. Then choose the amount of money you would like to add to your e-Wallet. For Apple iOS you can simply use your personal Apple account to add credit and for Android you can use Paypal to add credit.

Does Upco offers Callback services?

If you have a very poor internet connection Upco Mobile Messenger can place a VoIP call to you and the number you want to reach. Instead of using the internet the call will be terminated through mobile networks at Upco-Out rates for the chosen destination.

Can I block Upco users?

At any time you can block specific Upco Mobile Messenger users and avoid to get any more calls or messages.

In which languages is Upco currently available?

Upco Mobile Messenger is currently available in English, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese language. Just go to the Upco settings and choose your preferred language.

What type of files can I send with Upco?

With Upco Mobile Messenger you can send any type of file or locations and add inside your chat without limits.

Can I use stickers for messaging?

With Upco Mobile Messenger you can add fun and emotions with a variety of cool stickers. Personalize your chats with own image, name, background and more.

Can I log out and delete all Upco data?

After signing out of Upco you decide whether to keep or delete all communication and usage history on your individual device.